The Storyals Pro Site

Storyals Pro provides a cutting-edge learning portal through LMS365, adding exceptional learning management functionality to actively drive and monitor user progress.

Assign Storyals topics

With Storyals Pro, the assigned person(s) in your organization can assign selected Storyals topics to individual users or user groups (fully integrated with your Active Directory).  Due dates, reminders and certificate expiry can all be configured to align with your Microsoft 365 usage strategy and on-going efforts to keep increase employee productivity.

Personalized dashboards

With Storyals Pro, users can access their own personal Storyals dashboards where they can see what topics have been assigned to them, their due date and the completion. Managers can get a brief overview of the learning progress.

Integration in Microsoft Teams

The Storyals Dashboards, Storyals videos and quizzes can be accessed by users directly from within Microsoft Teams using the LMS365 add-in.Storyals Pro dashboard and training within Microsoft Teams | © Storyals

Anywhere access via the mobile app

Leveraging the LMS365 mobile app, users can access the Storyals topics from anywhere on any device.

Company insights

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI, users with the appropriate privileges can get rich insights into the Storyals user progress in the organization.