Digital Upskill Program

The Digital Upskill program is designed for organizations to drive org-wide digital upskilling. Storyals experts work with your stakeholders to provide a customized training plan aligned with your IT strategy. Users get a dedicated place for learning, with continuous tips and recommendations, as well as unlimited answers to their Microsoft 365-related productivity questions.

What you get:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Customized Training Plan
  • Quarterly webinars by Storyals Productivity Expert
  • Continuous tips & recommendations
  • Answers to all productivity-related questions

Digital Leadership Program

The Digital Leadership program is an exclusive training program designed for targeted individuals that need more than what is offered in the Digital Upskill Program. In the Digital Leadership Program, attendees get expert help by Storyals Productivity coaches. Attendees get a personalized training plan based on Storyals’ Digital Leadership Assessment, 1-1 productivity coaching sessions, and workshops with their direct team to align on digital ways of working. 

What attendees get:

  • Digital Leadership Assessment
  • Individual Training Plan
  • 1-1 or group productivity coaching sessions
  • Workshops with their team members