Storyals Training Programs

Our instructor-led training programs are delivered 100% via Microsoft Teams leveraging our story-based learning solution Storyals Pro. For individuals or smaller teams, we host the environment for easy access. For organizations of 50 people and above, we deliver the training programs within your own Microsoft Teams/Microsoft 365 environment.


Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp

Do you want to strengthen your digital muscles and work smarter using Microsoft Teams – but with minimal disruption of your own work? If so, the M365 Mini Bootcamp is for you.

The M365 Mini Bootcamp is a 14 days, online, instructor-led training program targeted for business professionals that lead virtual teams. Attendees will be invited into a Microsoft 365 “lab-environment” where they can fully immerse themselves in new ways of working. Users are provided access to Storyals unique self-paced learning material, 3 scheduled, instructor-led “Deep-dive” sessions, continuous guidance and assignments, unlimited support, and a certificate for bootcamp completion.


Digital Champions Bootcamp

Do you want to treat a selection of your employees to a productivity bootcamp to make sure they build their digital workplace muscles? Whether you have a leadership that wants to start using Microsoft Teams, or you want to build a team of champions that can act as change agents in your organization, the Digital Champions Bootcamp is the answer.

The Digital Champions Bootcamp is a 3 months training program for organizations to “skill up”, up to 50 people. Users are provided access to Storyals unique self-paced learning material, continuous tips and recommendations, unlimited answers to end-user questions, and 1-1 coaching sessions for a more personalized and exclusive learning experience.


Digital Community Gym

Do you want to build digital skills within your organization but lack the resources to identify champions and find professional trainers? Do you need to support users in a transition to fully using Microsoft Teams? If so, the Digital Community Gym is the answer!

The Digital Community Gym is a 3 months training program for user groups ranging from 50 to 5000 people. Our Adoption Experts will work with your stakeholders to provide a training plan aligned with your IT-strategy. Users will be provided access to Storyals unique self-paced learning material, two instructor-led “deep-dive sessions”, continuous tips and unlimited answers to end-user questions.