Our Story

Storyals is a result of Ulrika Hedlund’s great passion for technology, and her continuous strive to share her knowledge with others. Through her previous venture Business Productivity she discovered the need for accessible and inspirational training for the digital workplace. As a strong believer in storytelling, she built a business helping organizations effectively communicate and demonstrate the value of technology to their employees. After having produced engaging content for numerous large enterprises to help them drive adoption of Microsoft 365 and Office apps, the idea to broaden the reach and help a larger audience came to life. The name Storyals comes from a combination of the phrase story-based tutorials, which is still at the core of the company.  The digital workplace reaches new milestones every day and Ulrika and the Storyals team are always at the forefront of the latest updates, forming new alliances and partnerships and helping organizations around the world simply work smarter.

Why Storyals?

If you ask us, there is no other alternative if you want to:

  • Increase ROI

    If not used efficiently, Microsoft 365 becomes a cost instead of a valuable investment. Storyals provides immediate benefits by showing employees how to get the most of Microsoft 365 and how to work smarter using the tools, enabling organizations to increase the return on their investment.

  • Modernize Training

    Traditional classroom training is costly and time-consuming. Storyals offers a modern training product, designed for today’s busy professionals that prefer to learn from field-leading experts at their own convenience. Storyals provides users with short, story-based tutorials that showcase how Microsoft 365 can effectively be used.

  • Boost Productivity

    By providing employees with inspiring, educational tutorials instead of lengthy and costly training – or nothing at all – employees are made sure to understand how to get more of Microsoft 365, enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently. Storyals content is time-optimized and focuses on what you need to know to work effectively in the modern workplace.

  • Inspire and Motivate

    All tutorials are led by an experienced productivity coach with a contagious passion for technology and the value it can bring to peoples’ work day. With Storyals, organizations of all sizes can benefit from providing their employees with high-quality, engaging content with the sought-after “WOW!” effect, to drive digital leadership.

Our People

Ulrika Hedlund

CEO / Productivity Coach

With her many years of experience helping customers work smarter using technology as a productivity coach, Ulrika is the founder and CEO of Storyals. Passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, she is constantly thinking of new ways to create engaging content that inspires. She has been identified as a top technology visionary and selected as a trusted advisor to Microsoft as part of their Regional Director Program. When she is not working, she enjoys singing, being outdoors, and spending time with the kids.

Adrian Leufvén


With more than two decades worth of experience in the telecom software industry, Adrian is an indispensable addition to the team, responsible for operational functions such as Sales, Delivery, Marketing and Finance. When he is not working, Adrian loves to spend time with his four children or at the tennis court.

Peter Hedlund

Executive Director Storyals Middle East

Peter brings strategic thinking, business development skills, and excellent finance control to the Storyals team. When he is not traveling the world doing business, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with the family.

Julianne Hemingway

Executive Director Storyals USA / Productivity Coach

With an immense drive and a "win/win" attitude, Julianne heads up the Storyals business in the US. With a rich international background of large corporations and startups, Julianne fully understands the needs of our customers. When Julianne is not busy managing the investments in her portfolio, she enjoys spending time on their boat and playing with their dog Hendricks.

Carlito Lacanlale

Content Producer

Passionate about everything within videography and editing, Carlito heads up the media production for Storyals. Always eager to learn more, Carlito is never afraid of trying new things. When he's not working he experiments with his camera or enjoys some online gaming.

Grace Laquindanum

Content Producer

Grace is the artist in the team who adds a magical touch to our videos. Working on video advertisements for some of the worlds' largest brands, she brings a wealth of experience with her. If she is not in front of her computer, deeply concentrating on mastering layers of complex animations - she is probably sitting somewhere with a coffee reading a book.

Midhun Manoharan

Technical Service Manager

With a burning passion for technology, Midhun not only makes sure the Storyals team is up to date with all the latest IT developments, but he also ensures we live like we learn. Whether it's search engine optimization or input for our blog posts, Midhun is our "go-to-guy". When he's not working on creating amazing content he is probably checking out the latest developments in the world's car showrooms in the search for his future dream car!

Hareer Fadhl

Content Producer

With knife-sharp skills in programming combined with her love for video editing, Hareer is a key asset to the Storyals production team. She is the one who looks after our video updates to make sure our content is up to date. Being fluent in Swedish, English and Arabic she also understands the complexities of providing content in different languages and manages our translation process. As our social butterfly, she enjoys cooking biryani for everyone for dinner.

Linda Berglund

Communications Manager

Gifted with an immense talent for finding harmony in words, Linda brings enormous value to the Storyals team leading our Global Marketing and Communications. Constantly on top of the various ways to reach out to organizations around the world, Linda makes sure they have Storyals top of mind when they need help in the digital workplace. When she is not digitally communicating for Storyals, she does bootcamps in her back yard or gets exercise running after her three kids.

Pia Langenkrans

Productivity Coach

With her many years of experience helping customers "get in digital shape", Pia adds a new dimension to the Storyals team. Unlike anyone, she understands the challenges large corporations face when it comes to change management and driving adoption. You cannot other than love her pragmatic and humoristic approach to everything she does - whether it is related to document management, IT governance or summer house renovations.

Kate Aldersley

Customer Success Manager

Kate is working as the Customer Success Manager in North America, continuing to develop our customer's expertise. She is a detail-oriented professional with a global mindset, giving her a true backbone when it comes to international business and intercultural understanding. When she’s not working, you find Kate scuba diving at the nearest reef, paddleboarding, enjoying her favorite concert, or planning her next adventure to a new country.

Jasmine Tahir

Customer Success Manager

With her multi-cultural background and life experience, Jasmine fits right into the Storyals team. As the Customer Success Manager for our non-US based customers, she works passionately to ensure everyone who signs up with Storyals has a fantastic experience. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time (and money) in the many malls Dubai has to offer!

Rushda Davids

Business Development Manager

With her colorful aura and people-centric approach, Rushda adds value to all conversations about digital workplace adoption. Having many years experience in the Human Resources industry, Rushda has great insights into employee development. Based in Cape Town, South Africa Rushda leads Business Development in various parts of the world. When Rushda is not working, she enjoys reading a good book while enjoying the amazing view of Table Mountain.

Lizebeth Koloko-Green

Productivity Coach

Lizebeth is an admin guru who knows the ins and outs of every productivity app available. With a curious outlook on life, she loves experimenting with new technology to see how she can use it to work smarter. When she is not working, she loves spending time with her family or taking her bike out for a spin around Paris.

Camilla Ahlstedt

Productivity Coach

Camilla is an LMS365 star and holds several years of experience from digital transformation and learning in the public sector. She is able to guide organizations with the implementation of modern tools, to strengthen collaboration, communication and competency development. In her free time, Camilla enjoys mushroom foraging in the Swedish forest or cheering on the local ice hockey team.

Sarah Saville

Customer Success Manager

As one of our global Customer Success Managers, Sarah makes sure our customers are well looked after. With a rich background in client relationship management and business growth, she is also passionate about continuous learning, which fits perfectly with Storyals' core beliefs! When not working, Sarah loves exploring the many diverse experiences that Dubai has to offer.

Hugo Jonsson

Junior Sales Manager

Ambitious, driven and with a personality that immediately makes people feel at ease, Hugo is a great addition to the Storyals team. As a Jr Sales Manager he supports the organization with keeping track of customer accounts, making sure there are no loose ends. When not working you find Hugo studying business and economics at Lunds University, or sweating it out in the boxing ring.

Mahika Manoharan

Marketing Assistant

Mahika is supporting the marketing team with creative ideas and great communication and social skills. With a cheerful outlook on life, she makes sure everyone is happy in the office. Her passion for people steered her towards attaining a bachelor's in psychology, but we suspect she also wouldn't say no to a career in the music industry.

Junior Sales Manager, Sweden

Would you like to be part of an exciting start-up and help us grow? Are you social and have academic ambitions, but perhaps on a gap year or wanting to work for a while - then maybe Storyals is the right place for you! Storyals is looking for a Junior Sales Manager to join the Swedish team in Stockholm. You need to be fluent in Swedish and English. In this role you will be part of building a start-up, learn about sales, digital training and managing customers.

The role is flexible and can be done part-time, remotely and from the office space at WeWork in central Stockholm. Sounds interesting? Send an email to hello@storyals.com with a short description of yourself, along with your CV.

Customer Success Internship, Dubai

We are looking for the right person to join our Storyals Customer Success team, based in Dubai - one of the most exciting cities in the world! The position is a 6 month internship, with the possibility of full-time employment afterwards. The work tasks include further developing our innovative product Storyals WorkplaceBuddy, supporting customers, as well as planning and coordinating customer activities.

To be a good fit, you need to be outgoing and service minded, have an interest in tech, and have knowledge of English and Swedish on a professional level. If you are familiar with Microsoft 365 apps that’s a plus, but you will also receive training on the job. Sounds interesting? Then send us an email with a short description of yourself to hello@storyals.com

Are you an entrepreneur at heart?

Are you passionate about building a business helping organizations succeed in the digital workplace? We are looking for a leader that can take on the role of building the Storyals business in the UK market. This is not an employment - rather an opportunity to build a company of your own leveraging a proven product in a growing market with the support of a senior team. This is surely not for everyone, this takes a lot of dedication, resilience and creativity. Do you have what it takes?

Send an email to hello@storyals.com if you think this is for you. We look forward to getting to know you!


Are you the best in your field when it comes to change management and end-user adoption? If so, perhaps we should partner? In addition to the selected partners that provide Storyals as part of their service offering we also have strategic partnerships with the following companies that help make Storyals better.

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