Our Story

Storyals is a result of Business Productivity founder Ulrika Hedlund’s passion for technology and her continuous strive to share her knowledge with others. As a true story-teller, she built a business helping organizations effectively communicate and demonstrate the value of technology to their employees. After having produced engaging content for numerous large enterprises to help them drive adoption of Office 365, the idea to broaden the reach and help a larger audience came to life. With Storyals, organizations of all sizes can benefit from providing their employees with high-quality, engaging content with the sought-after “WOW!” effect, to drive adoption of Office 365.

Why Storyals?

If you ask us, there is no other alternative if you want to:

  • Increase ROI

    If not used properly, the software licenses bought by a company become a cost instead of an investment. Storyals provides immediate benefits by showing employees how to get the most of Office 365, helping to increase the return on investment in licenses.

  • Modernize Training

    Traditional classroom training is costly and time-consuming. Storyals is a modern training alternative, designed for today’s YouTube savvy workforce that prefers to learn from field-leading experts online at their own convenience. Storyals provides users with short, ten-minute, story-based tutorials that showcase how Office 365 can effectively be used in everyday work life.

  • Boost Productivity

    By providing employees with inspiring, educational tutorials instead of lengthy and costly training – or nothing at all – employees are made sure to understand how to use the full potential of the product suite enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently. Storyals summarize vast amounts of software features and functions so that users don’t have to.

  • Inspire and Motivate

    All tutorials are led by an inspiring coach with a contagious passion for technology and the value it can bring to peoples’ work day. With Storyals, organizations of all sizes can benefit from providing their employees with high-quality, engaging content with the sought-after “WOW!” effect, to drive adoption of Office 365.

  • Strengthen Brand Identity

    To strengthen company brand identity Storyals can be customized to include customer name, logo, brand color and video background, making the videos a natural part of the internal communication. Storyals enable customers to communicate their IT strategy more clearly and demonstrate executive sponsorship of Office 365.

Our People

Ulrika Hedlund

Founder/Productivity Advisor

With her many years of experience helping customers work smarter using technology, Ulrika is the mastermind behind Storyals. Passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, she is constantly thinking of new ways to create engaging videos that inspire. When she is not working, she enjoys singing, being outdoors and spending time with the kids.

Peter Hedlund

Strategic Advisor

Peter brings strategic thinking, business development skills and excellent finance control to the Storyals team. When he is not traveling the world doing business, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with the family.

Kristina Kunz Kharazmi

Marketing Executive

Kristina is a social native and passionate about digital. She is always socializing both online and offline and therefore goes under the name Social Butterfly. She is able to bring passion and innovative thinking to create successful digital marketing strategies and she is the one heading up the SoMe for Storyals. When she is not working she loves gathering family and friends in the kitchen for a little green kale smoothie and a rainbow-colored salad.

Carlito Lacanlale

Head of Media Production

Passionate about everything within videography and editing, Carlito heads up the media production for Storyals. Always eager to learn more, Carlito is never afraid of trying new things. When he's not working he experiments with his camera or enjoys some online gaming.

Grace Laquindanum

Lead Artist

Grace is the artist in the team who adds the magical touch to our videos. Working on video advertisements for some of the worlds' largest brands, she brings a wealth of experience with her. If she is not in front of her computer, deeply concentrating on mastering layers of complex animations - she is probably sitting somewhere with a coffee reading a book.

Midhun Manoharan

Content Producer

With a burning passion for technology, Midhun not only makes sure the Storyals team is up to date with all the latest IT developments, he also ensures we live like we learn. Whether it's search engine optimization or input for our blog posts, Midhun is our "go-to-guy". When he's not working on creating amazing content he is probably checking out the latest developments in the world's car showrooms in the search for his future dream car!

Felicia Dey

Project Manager

With a colorful palette of skills and a consistent "No problem!" attitude, Felicia takes on one Storyals project after the other. Currently managing the Swedish production of our Storyals video offering - while at the same time successfully executing on our social media strategy. Even though the Storyals team still hasn't had the pleasure of tasting - rumor has it she's a kitchen connoisseur.

Sarah Madani

Intern / Graphic designer

Sarah Madani provides the Storyals team with the "young people's" perspective. With a great eye for design, she helps the Storyals team communicate our messages in a fun, funky way. When Sarah is not busy with her studies, you can find her sketching in her notebook or on the walls.


Sales Representative / Marketeer

Our team is growing. We are on the lookout for more talented people who would like to join our team. Are you the one we are looking for? Contact Us Today!


Are you the best in your field when it comes to change management and end-user adoption? If so, perhaps we should partner? Our focus is on creating inspiring, educational content. We have already partnered with a number of companies that provide our content as part of their service offering and we are currently on the lookout for more partners. Get in touch!