The Storyals Product Guide

Does your organization have Microsoft 365?

Storyals training is currently available only for Microsoft 365.

How many people are you looking to train?

Storyals is designed for organizations with a minimum of 20 users. Contact us if you are looking for training for a smaller team.

Are you looking for e-learning, instructorled training or a combination of both?

Storyals offers a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training, for the most costeffective and impactful results. Learn more about what Storyals training is all about here or contact us directly.

What system would you like to use for the training?

Select your user range.

Kick-start your digital initiative and improve results!

Storyals workshops are a great way to kick-start your digital initiatives in your organization and get everyone working in the same direction, with a common goal and strategies that align. They will always be tailored to your specific needs and provide you and your team with inspiration, guidance and best practices from our Productivity Experts. During the workshops you will find the focus you need, and the common goals to get everyone onboard the same digital journey. 


Modernize Teamwork with Collaborative Apps in Teams

Workshop for Department / Group Managers and their team. 

During this inspirational workshop, a Productivity Expert from Storyals will guide you through an eye-opening journey of what is possible with collaborative apps in Microsoft Teams. Together you will take a look at your team’s unique business goals, your current way of working, identify areas of improvements and create a tailored plan to help you in your transformational journey. 


Modernize Learning with Microsoft Teams

Workshop for decision makers within HR, Learning & Development, Digital Workplace and IT. 

In this inspirational workshop, a Productivity Expert from Storyals will guide you through an enlightning journey of what is possible by leveraging Microsoft Teams for learning. See examples of how you can build learning forums for your employees and leverage Microsoft Teams apps such as Viva Learning and LMS365 - or your own learning management system


Get ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot

Workshop for CIOs and Business Leaders

This workshop will support your organization in refining your digital workplace strategy. You will be guided through an eye-opening journey of what is possible with generative tools like Copilot (previously Bing Chat Enterprise) and Microsoft 365 Copilot. You will get hands-on experience to explore and test some of these AI-powered tools yourself for a deeper understanding. In addition, you will be provided with deeper insights into how the technologies work, and what preparations your organization needs to put in place to ensure optimal return. 

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