A learning portal with Storyals courses

Storyals Lite provides your organization with a pre-populated SharePoint Online Communication site deployed to your own Microsoft 365 environment with Storyals engaging courses. The site can be made easily accessible for your users from the app launcher.



Quizzes and certificates

To enhance the learning experience, Storyals course comes with quizzes for users to test their understanding of the material. Users are given extra guidance on when to use what tool, in various different business scenarios. Once a user has completed a quiz, a completion certificate is sent via email.Enhance teamwork certificate | © Storyals

Microsoft Learning Pathways

In addition to the Storyals provisioned story-based courses, Storyals Lite also contains Microsoft provisioned product training through Microsoft 365 learning pathways. This training content can be accessed from the “Microsoft Training” tab.

Customizable Storyals to fit your needs

The Storyals Lite site is fully flexible in terms of what courses as displayed to your users. In the Storyals Lite Administration video, the Storyals Administrator is guided through the process. If you want the Storyals courses and site to align with your corporate branding we offer a “Premium” offering.

Additional Options

  • Subscription period: Annual or 3-year
  • Premium content: Customer branded videos and site (logo, colors, video backdrop)
  • Portal branding: Get the Storyals training dashboard to align with your brand guidelines.
  • Tailored content: Unique video footage featuring your own people, interiors/exteriors
  • Multi-lingual support: Video subtitles (English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese – other languages upon request)

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