For many, online meetings have more or less become the norm today. Being able to effectively use Microsoft Teams to lead engaging meetings with your team no matter where they are located, and being able to conduct professional meetings with external meeting participants is an essential skill in today’s digital workplace. In this learning topic, users will learn best practices for leading engaging meetings online.

Topic overview​​

  • Preparing an optimal meeting setup
  • Using tools such as spotlight, polls and breakout rooms
  • Real-life examples conducting professional meetings

The Videos

A quick overview of Teams for leading engaging meetings

Duration 2:05

In this quick overview video, users will get an overview of how Microsoft Teams can be used to lead engaging meetings online. This video can effectively be used as a “teaser” video in newsletters or enterprise social media to spark interest.

Lead engaging meetings online

Duration 16:08

In this introduction video, users will get guidance on how to prepare, conduct and follow up on digital meetings. After watching this video users will:​​

  • Know how to configure a good meeting experience
  • Be more confident sharing your screen
  • Understand how different meeting tools can be used

Conduct professional meetings

Duration 15:30

In this story-based tutorial, users will see how Microsoft Teams can be used for collaborative team meetings and professional workshops. After watching this story-based tutorial, users will know how to:​​​​​

  • Use “Spotlight” to grab peoples attention
  • Create Polls
  • Share your screen
  • Use PowerPoint Live
  • Create break-out rooms
  • Record and share meetings