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Does your organization have Microsoft 365?

Storyals training is currently available only for Microsoft 365.

How many people are you looking to train?

Storyals is designed for organizations with a minimum of 20 users. Contact us if you are looking for training for a smaller team.

Are you looking for e-learning, instructorled training or a combination of both?

Storyals offers a combination of e-learning and instructor-led training, for the most costeffective and impactful results. Learn more about what Storyals training is all about here or contact us directly.

What system would you like to use for the training?

Select your user range.

The number one training for Frontliners

Storyals story-based courses for Frontline workers are designed to inspire and educate all the people that work in the frontline, such as shopkeepers, factory workers, electricians, plumbers, and many more. These courses are unique and the first in the world designed exclusively for Frontline workers so they can learn how to digitize work on the go and how to be productive using the Microsoft 365 apps wherever they are.

Get to know your productivity tools | © Storyals

Get to know your digital productivity tools

using Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides a rich set of tools to modernize the way you get things done. Learn how to leverage productivity tools within Microsoft 365 to enhance productivity in the digital workplace.

You will get:

  • Introduction of the Microsoft 365 apps
  • Insights to new digital ways of working
  • Practical examples and real-life scenarios
Work safely with your digital tools - preview thumbnail | © Storyals

Work safely with your digital tools

with Microsoft 365

Digital ways of working enable new opportunities, but also new security aspects. Here you will get a better understanding of the importance of account security and get step-by-step guidance on keeping your account safe.

You will get:
  • Guidance for protecting your account
  • Help setting up a strong password
  • Insights into using Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)


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Connect and communicate wherever you are

using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool you can use to easily connect and communicate with others no matter where you are. Here you will learn how to efficiently use chat, call and meeting functions within Microsoft Teams.

You will get:

  • Understanding of new ways of communicating
  • Help to get started with chat, voice and video
  • Real-life scenarios using Teams Phone Mobile


04. Work together as a team - preview thumbnail

Work better together digitally

using Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can enhance teamwork by sharing information, streamlining communication, and modernizing processes. Learn how to improve team productivity with the many apps in Microsoft Teams.

You will get:

  • Introduction to digital collaboration in Teams
  • Guidance to access and share files
  • Help to get started with apps in Teams
Access your email from anywhere - preview | © Storyals

Access your email from anywhere

using Microsoft Outlook

Using Microsoft Outlook, you can take your email communication to the next level. Here, you will learn how to effectively use Outlook across devices and use modern tools to track daily tasks. 

You will get:

  • Insight on using Microsoft Outlook from anywhere
  • Tips for better email communications
  • Using Bookings to easily schedule meetings
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