Our mission at Storyals is to inspire, motivate and educate users to continuously find new digital ways of working in the modern workplace. We help organizations get all their employees to a level where they understand what the various applications in Microsoft 365 are used for, and how they can benefit from adopting new digital ways of working.

To really excel in today’s digital workplace, you need to master the tools and be confident using them to accelerate your results. Therefore we have developed the Digital Leadership Training Program. As part of the Digital Leadership Training Program, we have developed a 10-step framework to become a Digital Leader.

So, what is a Digital Leader, you might ask yourself? The longer definition and explanation you can find in our blog post What is Digital Leadership? However, the short answer is that a Digital Leader is someone who is, in an efficient and strategic way making use of digital assets and tools.

In this blog, we share the 10-step framework with you and provide you access to the Digital Leadership Assessment that we use in the training program. The assessment will give you a personalized report with a score, indicating your digital leadership skills and what you can do to improve it.

10-step Digital Leadership Framework

The 10-step Digital Leadership Framework consists of ten digital skills, that we, in our experience coaching business people all over the world, deem most relevant. Even though we exclusively coach business users in organizations that have invested in the Microsoft 365 productivity platform, the framework can be used regardless of what technology platform you use. If you feel that you master these ten skills, you are (as per our definition) a Digital Leader.

It’s important to note that anyone can become a Digital Leader. It’s not only for tech nerds or executives – as long as you have a growth mindset, you are open to trying new things, and you believe that technology is a great enabler, you can become a Digital Leader.

Below are the skills that you as a digital leader should master.

As a Digital Leader, I know how to:

  1. Achieve “digital harmony”
  2. Manage my schedule and work tasks
  3. Communicate effectively across email, chat and posts
  4. Lead engaging meetings online
  5. Visualize strategies, plans and targets
  6. Share and collaborate on documents with team members and external partners
  7. Keep track of updates within my team and our organization
  8. Find and share information with others in a secure way
  9. Provide my team with the information and knowledge they need
  10. Catch up on issues, risks, ideas and suggestions for improvement

The Digital Leadership Assessment

The Digital Leadership Assessment consists of 10 questions. For each question, you get to rate your own perceived competence between 1 (weak) and 5 (strong). Based on the input, a score will be calculated for you with a personalized report, which you can use for your professional development. Everyone can be a Digital Leader | ©

You can do the assessment multiple times and see how your score increases over time the more you learn and apply digital skills in your daily job.


Are you interested to know more about Storyals Training Product and our Digital Leadership Training program? Reach out to us.