By starting to work together in digital “teams” within Microsoft Teams, you can really take your collaboration to the next level. Create a more open dialog with channel conversations, share files within your various teams, have online “meet-ups” and have easy access to the apps you need to do your job. Microsoft Teams enable work groups to work smarter together by providing them with one unified app that brings together all the tools they need to be productive.

Topic Overview

  • Overview of when and how to use Teams
  • Getting started with Teams
  • Real-life examples of working better together

The Videos

This topic includes 3 videos.

A quick overview of Teams

Duration 2:19 min

In this quick overview video, users will be introduced to the main highlights of Microsoft Teams.

Enhance Teamwork using Microsoft Teams

Duration 15:40 min

In this introduction video, viewers are given an overview of the benefits of Microsoft Teams and an explanation of what it is

  • Overview of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding of Microsoft Teams using pictures
  • Guidance on how to get started using Microsoft Teams
  • Best practices and recommendations

Accelerate results using Teams

Duration 11:38 min

In this story-based tutorial, users will see how our productivity experts use Microsoft Teams to quickly communicate and collaborate with each other to deliver on their commitments. The story-based tutorial is designed to inspire, motivate and educate users.

After watching this story-based tutorial, users will know how to:

  • Navigate the Teams app
  • Stay up to date on team activities
  • Communicate 1-1, or 1-many using Teams from any device
  • Meet online via Teams
  • Share documents via Teams
  • Create tabs and connectors to streamline information