All the digital information we are accumulating, that can be saved in the cloud and accessed from anywhere, is a great asset – but, if not organized properly, it can become a burden. In this topic, users will learn how to effectively use OneNote to organize notes, photos, receipts, tasks, and much more.

Topic Overview

  • Getting started with a digital notebook
  • Setting up OneNote across devices
  • Real-life examples of effective use of OneNote

The Videos

This topic includes 3 videos.

A quick overview of OneNote

Duration 1:44 min

In this quick overview video, users will get an overview of the benefits using a digital notebook in OneNote to get better organized and better prepared in their workday.

Get organized

Duration 8:50 min

In this introduction video, viewers are given an overview of the benefits of OneNote and shown how to get started using it across devices.

  • Introduction to OneNote
  • How to set up OneNote to synchronize across devices
  • A quick walk-through of OneNote

Declutter your life using a digital notebook in OneNote

Duration 10:51 min

In this story-based tutorial, users will learn how OneNote can effectively be used in a real-life scenario to be better prepared and have more effective meetings.

After watching this tutorial users will know how to:

  • Gather and organize various types of information
  • Prepare for a meeting
  • Take effective meeting notes
  • Search and share notes
  • Access notes from anywhere