Are you launching Microsoft 365* within your organization? Have you been using Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) for a while, but not seen adequate productivity gains due to poor adoption? If so, then this topic is the first step.

After watching the videos on this topic, users will understand what Microsoft 365 is all about and the value it brings. Users will know how to access the productivity tools across devices and they will be excited to use them and motivated to learn more.

Topic overview

  • Understand the breadth of Microsoft 365
  • See the power of modern tools like Whiteboard and Forms
  • Real-life scenario on how to collect and share knowledge

The Videos

Welcome to your digital workplace

Duration 02:01

In this video, you will get a quick overview of what Microsoft 365 is all about and how you can benefit from using it. The video can effectively be used as a “teaser” in newsletters or enterprise social media to spark interest.

Find new digital ways of working

Duration 14:46

In this introduction video, users are encouraged to work smarter using the tools they have at hand. After watching this video, users will:

  • Have a better overall understanding of Microsoft 365
  • Know how to access their digital workplace from anywhere
  • Have better insights to apps like Whiteboard, Forms, Lists, Delve, and Stream

Collect and share knowledge

Duration 11:59

In the story-based tutorial, you will see how various apps in Microsoft 365 can be used to collect and share knowledge. After watching this video, users will:

  • Know how to use To Do and Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Understand how the Office apps can be used across devices
  • Have insights to the power of Forms and Stream