Story-based Learning Solutions

Storyals Pro

Storyals Pro is the best option if your organization is looking for powerful tools to actively drive adoption of the Office apps in Microsoft 365. With Storyals Pro you can assign selected Storyals topics to users or user groups, set completion deadlines and reminders. Users see their assigned topics in their personalized dashboard and can access the content from anywhere – via SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or their mobile. Users get automatic completion reminders and personalized certificates on completion. Powerful reporting on end-user progress is available via downloadable Excel-files or via visually appealing Power BI dashboards. Storyals Pro is in Microsoft AppSource, check it out here.

Storyals Pro | © Storyals offering

Storyals Lite

Storyals Lite is the right option if you quickly want to get started with a dedicated adoption center where your users can go to increase their productivity using the Office apps in Microsoft 365. Storyals Lite is installed in your own Microsoft 365 environment as a pre-populated SharePoint Communication site and the content is continuously kept up to date. In addition to the engaging, story-based videos provided by Storyals, users also get access to product-based training provided by Microsoft via Microsoft 365 learning pathways, which is included in all Storyals’ offerings.

Storyals provides users with a “guided journey” to increase their productivity using the various Office apps in Microsoft 365 through a number of topics, each covering various Office applications. As an organization, you can select which of these topics should be made available to your users, based on your usage strategy. To further strengthen understanding, each topic includes a quiz with situational-based questions. Users are rewarded for their efforts through completion certificates. You can find Storyals Lite in Microsoft AppSource here.


Adoption Services

Storyals Community Gym

Do you want help by adoption experts to increase productivity and build digital muscles using the Office apps of Microsoft 365 within your organization? The Storyals Community Gym offering is a 3 months engagement where Storyals experts set up and moderate a dedicated team in your Microsoft Teams environment where users can experience the power of Teams and the many powerful Office apps in Microsoft 365. Users are given an “on-boarding” to Microsoft Teams, followed by a structured adoption journey through the Office applications leveraging Storyals unique material. In addition to the video-based training material, 2 instructor-led “Deep Dive” sessions will be held in the channel by one of our productivity experts, open for everyone to join. For those who can’t make it, they can watch the recorded sessions available in the channel.

Storyals Community Gym | © Storyals

Throughout the course of the Community Gym engagement, users can ask unlimited questions about how to work smarter using the Office apps in Microsoft 365. Users will get to experience how Microsoft Teams effectively can be used to communicate and collaborate and users will get continuous recommendations and tips for how to work smarter. The Storyals Community Gym offering requires a valid Storyals Pro or Storyals Lite subscription.

Storyals Champions Boot Camp

Do you want to treat a selection of your users to a productivity boot camp to make sure they build their digital workplace muscles? Whether you have a leadership that wants to start using Microsoft Teams, or you want to build a team of champions that can act as change agents in your organization, the Storyals Champions Boot Camp is the answer.

Storyals Chamions Boot Camp | © Storyals

The Storyals Boot Camp is a competency program conducted via Microsoft Teams by one of our productivity advisors over the course of 3 months. Users are provided with instructor-led guidance, Storyals’ high-quality training videos, quizzes, assignments, and certificates and 1-1 coaching. Throughout the course of the boot camp, users can ask questions about best practices and recommended usage and get tips for how to work smarter.

The Storyals Champions Boot Camp offering requires a valid Storyals Pro or Storyals Lite subscription. We recommend the Boot Camp is done in conjunction with the Community Gym so that your champions can get involved as “trainers” in the Community Gym, but Boot Camps can also be executed stand-alone.

Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop

girl pose 07 - with Teams icon | © Storyals

Do you need help with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 adoption? Then Storyals will do that for you! We offer a Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop, where one of our productivity experts guides you through the process and helps you develop a strategy customized to your needs. Organizations with more than a 1000 end-users adopting Microsoft Teams, are eligible for getting the workshop financed by Microsoft.


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