Story-based Learning Solutions

Our Learning Solutions are designed for teams or organizations of 50 users and above that have invested in Microsoft 365. Our learning solutions provide users with the essential training content they need to get the most out of their digital workplace – right from within their everyday tools. We offer different flavors of our learning solutions to meet various needs:

  • Storyals Lite
  • Storyals Pro
  • Storyals LMS365



Coach-led Training Program

In our coach-led training program, you get help from our experienced productivity coaches to build digital skills using the Storyals learning content. The programs is designed to fit teams and organizations of all sizes.


Executive Adoption Workshops

Our Executive Adoption Workshops are designed to help you put an adoption plan in place to accelerate digital workplace productivity. Our Adoption Experts meet with key stakeholders to enlighten them on the possibilities and help the organization define an adoption plan.