Learning Products for teams and organizations

With our story-based learning products, users are provided with self-paced, high-quality training videos and story-based tutorials focusing on “what you need to know” to work effectively using Microsoft 365. Users have access to a selected number of learning topics, each covering various apps and services. All learning topics highlight digital workplace best practices and feature real-world scenarios. To further strengthen understanding, each topic includes a quiz with situational-based questions, and users are rewarded for their efforts through completion certificates.

Depending on your organizational needs, you can select between our three different products- Storyals Lite, Storyals Pro and Storyals LMS365*.

*Storyals is also a distributor of stand-alone LMS365. Contact us for more info and prices.

Storyals Lite

Storyals Lite provides users with on-demand, story-based learning on how to work smarter with Microsoft 365.  Storyals Lite is installed in your own Microsoft 365 environment and the streamed video content is automatically updated. In addition to the engaging instructional videos by Storyals, users get access to product-based training provided by Microsoft via Microsoft 365 learning pathways. Storyals Lite is the best option if you already have invested in a Learning Management System and you just want access to the Storyals content, or if you want to provide your end-users with independent learning. 


Storyals Pro

Storyals Pro is the best option if your organization is looking for powerful tools to actively strengthen digital competence and drive adoption of Microsoft 365. The Storyals Pro product comes with the multi-award-winning learning management system LMS365. With Storyals Pro, you can assign selected Storyals topics to users or user groups, you can set completion deadlines and reminders, and follow up on end-user progress. Users see their assigned topics in their personalized dashboard and can access the content from anywhere – via SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or their mobile. Users get automatic completion reminders and personalized certificates on completion. Powerful reporting on end-user progress is available via the Admin interface. In Storyals Pro, the usage of LMS365 is limited to exclusively manage the learning content provided by Storyals.


Storyals LMS365

If you want to leverage the full power of LMS365* and also create learning of your own, then Storyals LMS365 is the best option. Unlock the full potential of this powerful solution and create a full learning experience for all your employees.  Unleash the creativity of your own workforce and provide them the ability to create their own courses using the LMS365 course creator tool and LMS365 learning module builder. Course creators can drag and drop elements from PowerPoint, Word, and Microsoft Stream to create courses, record Teams meetings, or add premade SCORM and AICC packages. With the full power of the LMS365 solution, organizations can manage both online learning and in-person events and promote a culture where users are provided with continuous learning every day.

*Storyals is also a distributor of stand-alone LMS365. Contact us for more info and prices.

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