We are happy to announce that Storyals.com is now live! Storyals™ is a new brand and solution offering by Business Productivity and it is something that we have worked on for the past year.

Doodle of a woman brainstorming on how to launch Office 365 | © StoryalsThe idea of Storyals.com was brought to life in 2016 in Dubai Marina where our office is based. After having helped several companies driving adoption, Ulrika came up with the idea of making story-based video tutorials targeted at smaller and medium-sized companies who are transitioning to Office 365. We felt there was space in the market to introduce these new videos and found that now was the time to act. We decided that we don’t want to deliver long and lengthy training modules – instead we want to offer organizations a new, modern way of inspiring and educating employees on how to work smarter using Office 365.


We went through several brainstorming sessions at the office to get the concept and the name right. It wasn’t easy and we came up with lots of different names before we decided on storyals.com. We wanted something a bit funky, something easy to remember and something new and unique and we think we found this in storyals.com.
The Storyals name | © Storyals

As you might already have guessed, “Storyals” is a combination of, “story-based” and “tutorials” – and it pretty much sums up what we do. We create real-life, story-based tutorials, that are designed to inspire, motivate and educate users by demonstrating how effective use of Office 365 can help you work smarter and deliver better results. 

We train ourselves to become super users of Office 365 to make sure we can create the best possible videos for our customers. Every time there are new updates or new apps, we take time to understand them fully, so we can offer the best video-based tutorials on the market. We hope you will be happy with our latest videos and our new concept and that the videos will give you the best possible experience with Office 365.

If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly (kristina@storyals.com) or just fill out the contact form.

Photo of Kristina Kunz Kharazmi | © Storyals

– Kristina Kharazmi

Digital Marketing Manager, Storyals