Kick-start the engagement

Before you kick-start an engagement or initiate a learning program, it can be very useful to first do a workshop. We can customize workshops based on your requirements, or you can engage us for one of our pre-packaged workshops. As a Microsoft Change Management & Adoption Partner, Storyals can in some circumstances deliver these with funding from Microsoft.

Lead Effective Hybrid Meetings

Do you find it difficult to manage and lead your team in the digital workplace? Does it get complicated when employees don’t always work from the office and you have to communicate, plan and follow up via Teams? This workshop focuses on how to become a better leader in the hybrid workplace, through effective hybrid meetings. 


Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop

Do you need help with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 adoption? Boost digital skills with the Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop, where one of our productivity experts guides you through the process and helps you develop a strategy customized to your needs. 


Lead High-Performing Teams Workshop

Are you struggling to keep your employees motivated and engaged in the hybrid workplace? Build skills using digital tools in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to lead your team effectively no matter where you are. Take your digital leadership to the next level and learn how to elevate communication, collaboration and teamwork in the digital workplace.


Information & Document Architecture Workshop

Are you transitioning from keeping your documents in shared folders to the cloud? Get expert guidance on how to structure SharePoint Document libraries, Teams, metadata and document processes. Address the key challenges organizations face when transitioning to Microsoft Teams for sharing documents across workgroups and departments.


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