Storyals Lite Components

Storyals Microsoft 365 Adoption Kit

A collection of guided topics with video-based training, quizzes (using Microsoft Forms) and certificates managed and updated by Storyals. All video-based content is hosted and streamed using Vimeo, made available to users via embed code.

Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Provisioned, on-demand product training content from Microsoft.

Storyals’ SharePoint template and theme by BindTuning

The Storyals SharePoint Communication site content (which includes Microsoft 365 learning pathways) is packaged into a template that is remotely deployed using BindTuning’s provisioning service. A theme is applied (Storyals branded or customer branded) to enhance the look and feel of the Storyals site.

Storyals Lite Installation Process

The installation is done over an online Microsoft Teams meeting. During the installation, the organization’s Microsoft 365 Global admin needs to be present to authenticate the installation. ​The following steps will be performed.

  1. Creation of an App Catalog (approx. 10 min.) if one doesn’t already exist
  2. Creation of an empty SharePoint Online communication site
  3. Provisioning of the Storyals Lite template and theme (approx. 20 min) using provisioning tool
  4. Finalize theme visual settings (page title, menu width, etc.)


To successfully deploy Storyals Lite, the requirements defined by Microsoft to deploy Microsoft 365 learning pathways must be fulfilled. These requirements can be found here. In short, this is what is required:

  • During the online installation, the person attending from your end must be a Global Administrator
  • It is recommended that a Microsoft 365 end-user account is set up for Storyals to enable minor updates of the Storyals site

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