Below you can find prices for two of our three Storyals Learning Solutions: Storyals Lite and Storyals Pro.

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Best option if you have an LMS already

Storyals Lite

Get an adoption center with

End-to-end SharePoint setup

Streaming access to all Storyals videos

Continuous video updates

Quizzes to strengthen understanding

Certificates to recognize completion

Includes Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Best option for actively driving adoption

Storyals Pro

Powerful tools to drive adoption

Everything in Storyals Lite

Ability to assign topics

Personalized dashboards

Automated email notifications

Personalized completion certificates

Microsoft Teams integration

Anywhere access via mobile app

Storyals usage reports (Power BI Pro)

Full Active Directory integration

Annual or 3 year subscriptions

Additional Options

Premium content: Customer branded videos and site (logo, colors, video backdrop)

Tailored content: Unique video footage featuring your own people, interiors/exteriors

Multi-lingual support: Video subtitles (English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Polish, Italian and Dutch - other languages upon request)

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How often are the Storyals videos updated?

We update the Storyals videos on a continuous basis. You can check out the monthly updates on our video updates page (see link at the bottom of the page).

Is Storyals suitable to drive adoption of all Microsoft 365 / Office 365 subscriptions?

The current Storyals topics are designed for users that have access to Microsoft 365 (Office 365) on their computer, mobile and via the web. Therefore the current topics are best suited for users that have a Microsoft 365 Business Standard (previously known as Office 365 Business Premium), Office 365 E1, E3 or E5 license. Please connect with us if you have another subscription plan, or if you are missing a topic.

We want the Storyals content but with our own "look and feel". Is that possible?

Yes. If your organization wants the Storyals video content and the site design to align with your own corporate branding we offer a "Premium" option. We can also provide additional tailoring if you want to include video footage or your own employees, exteriors and interiors.

We'd like to have a topic for frontline workers - do you have that?

We listen to our customers and produce the topics they want. We are currently reviewing additional topics, specifically for frontline workers. Please connect with us to initiate a dialog.

How is Storyals installed in our Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment?

Storyals Lite can easily and quickly be installed during a single online meeting with your Global Microsoft 365 administrator. We use an automated deployment tool called Automate365 to deploy the Storyals SharePoint communication site including Microsoft 365 learning pathways into your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant.

Storyals Pro requires two online meetings for additional configuration.

We have our own learning management system (LMS). Can we still use Storyals to drive adoption?

Yes, in most cases. If your LMS has support for embed code we can provide you with continuously updated videos. The quizzes and certificates would have to be added manually and kept up to date by your internal team that manages your LMS. Contact us and we'll help you with the setup.