Are you launching Microsoft 365* within your organization? Have you been using Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) for a while, but not seen adequate productivity gains due to poor adoption? If so, then this topic is the first step.

After watching the videos on this topic, users will understand what Microsoft 365 is all about and the value it brings. Users will know how to access Microsoft 365 across devices and they will be excited to use it and motivated to learn more.

*April 21, 2020 Microsoft started using the name “Microsoft 365” instead of “Office 365” for their subscription offerings. However, the products are still the same. Read more about the name change here

Topic Overview

  • Introduction to the story-based learning concept
  • Overview of Microsoft 365
  • Highlights of key improvements

The Videos

This topic includes 3 videos.

A quick overview of Microsoft 365

Duration 2:00 min

This short overview video that explains what Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) is, can effectively be used as a “teaser” video in newsletters or enterprise social media to spark interest.

Kick-start your digital workplace

Duration 8:56 min

In this introduction video, users are encouraged to work smarter using the tools they have at hand. After watching this video, users will:

  • Be familiar with the instructor and the video series
  • Understand the breadth of the Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) toolset
  • Be excited to start using more of Microsoft 365 to increase productivity

Get more out of Office 365

Duration 11:53 min

In this video, users will be given step-by-step guidance on how to start using Office 365 (Microsoft 365) across devices. After watching this video, users will:

  • Know how to access Office across devices
  • Be familiar with the online version of traditional Office applications
  • Have a better understanding of the Office ProPlus (Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise) experience
  • Know how to access Office 365 apps on a mobile device