This webinar is for you working in HR, Learning & Development, Talent Management and IT/Business Management and applicable if your organization has invested in Microsoft 365. 

The webinar is free of charge and held as a Linkedin Live Event. 

Upskill Your Workforce to Microsoft 365 Rockstars

Is your organization ready for a workplace that is increasingly digital, and does your staff have the right skills? Do you have a strategy and systems in place for continuous upskilling of your employees and can you keep up with the rapid digital transformation?

Join this informative and inspiring webinar where you will get the answer of how to increase the return of your investment in Microsoft 365, and how to upskill your workforce to digital rockstars.

Learn how you can provide your employees with world-class training on the many innovative apps in Microsoft 365, right from within their digital workplace, and how you as an organization can give your users a positive experience that encourages change.Ulrika Hedlund | © Storyals

Hosted by: Mohammad Bazareh from SMART Technology Solutions

Expert Speaker: Ulrika Hedlund, CEO, Productivity Expert and Founder of Storyals

The session covers:

  • How to get more out of your IT investment in Microsoft 365.
  • Using the Productivity Score to track progress.
  • Strategies for a sustainable digital workplace.
  • Modern ways to work with upskilling, leveraging storytelling and modern learning management technology.


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