Drive digital workplace transformation

The Digital Community Gym is a dedicated employee community forum designed to motivate and encourage better use of Microsoft 365. The program is led by Storyals’ productivity experts via Microsoft Teams. Through this open forum, users get inspiration and motivation to work smarter. Users get tips and tricks and a one-stop shop to ask & share Microsoft 365 related questions. The Digital Community Gym runs during 12 months at a time.

The Digital Community Gym is designed to foster a culture of continuous learning and provides:

  • Overall program management by seasoned Storyals Adoption Expert
  • Set up of a dedicated team in your own Teams environment
  • Set up of a dedicated  private “Steering committee” channel for program management (reporting, etc.)
  • Adoption activities aligned with your  Microsoft 365 rollout strategy
  • A customized welcome video:

  • An adoption plan with dates for the assignment of the Storyals learning topics. Please see a sample plan here: Sample Microsoft 365 Adoption Plan.
  • Information and tips from Storyals avatar “Stella”
  • Unlimited answers to end-users productivity questions via the “General” channel in Microsoft Teams
  • Two “deep dive” live webinars, delivered by a Storyals expert on topic of choice (recorded for future reference).
  • Handover to Community Manager at program completion.

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