Drive digital workplace transformation

The Digital Community Gym is a dedicated employee community forum designed to motivate and encourage better use of Microsoft 365. The program is led by Storyals’ productivity experts via Microsoft Teams. Through this open-forum, users get inspiration and motivation to work smarter. Users get tips and tricks and a one-stop-shop to ask & share Microsoft 365 related questions.

The Digital Community Gym is designed to foster a culture of continuous learning and provides:

  • Overall program management by seasoned Storyals Adoption Expert
  • Set up of a dedicated team in your own Teams environment
  • Set up of a dedicated  private “Steering committee” channel for program management (reporting, etc.)
  • Adoption activities aligned with your  Microsoft 365 rollout strategy
  • A customized welcome video:

  • An adoption plan with dates for the assignment of the Storyals learning topics. Please see a sample plan here: Sample Microsoft 365 Adoption Plan | © Storyals.
  • Information and tips from Storyals avatar “Stella”
  • Unlimited answers to end-users productivity questions via the “General” channel in Microsoft Teams
  • Two  live webinars (per 3 month-engagement period) delivered by a Storyals expert on topic of choice (recorded for future reference)
  • Hand-over to Community Manager at program completion

The Digital Community Gym is conducted over a period of 3 months. Sign up for a single period to kick-start your digital workplace program – or a full year to ensure full workplace transformation.

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