Do you need help with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 adoption?

Then Storyals will do that for you! We offer a Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Adoption Workshop, where one of our productivity experts guides you through the process and helps you develop a strategy customized to your needs.

Organizations with more than a 1000 end-users adopting Microsoft Teams, are eligible for getting the workshop financed by Microsoft. If the above does not apply to you, Storyals will happily conduct the workshop at a reduced price of 1,700 USD.


Pre-engagement meeting (1 hour)

  • Current state – what is being used and how?Teams Assessment Workshop | © Storyals
  • Goals setting – what is the desired outcome?
  • Stakeholders – who should participate?
  • Ongoing initiatives – are there any other ongoing initiatives to consider?
  • Date – when do we do the workshop?
  • Agenda – how do we structure the workshop?

Business Decision Maker workshop (3 hours)

  • Key outcomes – what are we going to achieve today?
  • Envisioning – how is Teams and the other Office apps transforming the workplace?
  • Usage scenarios – how could this be applied to various user groups?
  • Executive sponsorshipwho needs to sponsor this to ensure success?

Adoption planning workshop (2 hours)

  • Champions program – how do we implement a champions program?
  • Training plan – how do we raise the general level of know-how?
  • Communication plan – how do we communicate to end-users?
  • Adoption plan – how do we tie it all together and build a foundation for the future?

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