The modern workplace has raised the bar when it comes to continuous upskilling and training, especially when it comes to digital skills. Technology and work routines are constantly changing, and the last few years, we’ve witnessed an explosive increase in digital tools in the workplace – fast forwarded by the pandemic. The need for training is massive, in order to keep employees working in a sustainable and effective way using these tools.

Storyals and Telia Company are now entering a new partnership, to build digital skills in organizations that have invested in Microsoft 365. Through the partnership, Telia is strengthening their offer to customers, and as an addition to Microsoft 365 licenses, they can also provide relevant training. As one of largest telecom and cloud service providers in northern Europe, they add Storyals training product Storyals Lite and the Upskill Training Program to their offering.  

“Digitalization offers amazing opportunities for increased productivity, improved collaboration and smooth communication in the workplace. Being able to maximize the value of company tech investments, through subscription based training, is key for modern organizations. With Storyals, users are given access to training and best practices, on how to work smarter with digital tools”, says Gabriel Yttermalm, Global Partner Manager Microsoft at Telia Company.

– We are extremely proud and happy to work with Telia Company and look forward to helping more organizations increase their digital skills”, says Ulrika Hedlund, CEO and founder of Storyals.