New training concept ideal for managers

According to a  recent study by Boston Consulting Group and KRC Research, remote work is here to stay. Managers expect that moving forward, 65% of the workforce will work remotely at least once a week. However, this rushed shift to remote work didn’t leave any time to skill up team leaders. The majority of managers (61%) said they have not effectively learned how to delegate and empower virtual teams. This is where Storyals can help. We know managers don’t have time for traditional training, we know they can’t leave their daily responsibilities to attend training. But we also know they would benefit greatly from actually knowing how to leverage technology to work smarter. Storyals entire learning philosophy is focused on delivering “what you need to know” in a summarized, real-life scenario-based format, flexibly available to users whenever they can make time – in an enjoyable format through storytelling.

Up until now, the Storyals Learning Solutions and Adoption Services such as our Digital Community Gyms and Digital Bootcamps have only been available for organizations. We are so happy to announce our brand new training concept – the Storyals “M365 Mini Bootcamp.” The M365 Mini Bootcamp is ideal for team managers, project managers, or department heads that want to get a quick “braindump” from an experienced productivity expert, of what they need to know to use Microsoft Teams (and the many powerful apps in Microsoft 365) to more successfully communicate and collaborate virtually.

The M365 Mini Bootcamp, which will be run once a month starting in November 2020, is a 14-day intense, online “workout” where business professionals from all over the world can sign up for an online “all-in” Storyals training experience – without leaving their job. Just like an Executive MBA, the M365 Mini Bootcamp is designed for driven business professionals who can take on additional learning on top of their current engagements. 

Users will be trained by an experienced Storyals Productivity Coach who will share invaluable knowledge and experience of how Microsoft Teams can be successfully used to communicate with distributed teams, visualize goals and targets, set up and follow up on action items, quickly collect and analyze information and much more.

M365 Mini Bootcamp in Microsoft Teams

Attendees will get a dedicated productivity coach who will take them through the program and support their learning through unlimited Q&A. During the duration of the bootcamp, users will get access to a full Microsoft 365 environment with the Storyals Pro learning solution. Users will have unlimited access to all the Storyals learning topics, and a safe “playground” where they can fully unleash their creativity and curiosity of how to work smarter using digital tools. Bootcamp attendees will be assigned learning topics and given individual and collaborative assignments to get hands-on experience of what it is like to fully leverage the power of the Microsoft 365-powered digital workplace.

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