Adrian Leufvén, former Business Unit Manager and Senior Vice President at Enea, is taking on new challenges in a booming business when joining Storyals this June. But before that we wanted to get to know him a bit better!

Why do you take this step now?

– After 25 great years at Enea and in the telecom software industry, I want to start the second half of my career in the Edtech industry, to help build Storyals. At Enea, I have held roles in Sales, Product Management, Support, M&A, Offshoring, R&D, Quality and Management.

Adrian Leufvén | © Storyals

“At Storyals, I get an opportunity to combine the roles of investor and entrepreneur within a small and rapidly growing company, in an booming industry – which feels both exciting and challenging!”

What will your role be at Storyals?

– Storyals is still a very entrepreneurial company and I will be taking on the operational role as “Integrator” and COO. I will be responsible for all the operational functions such as Sales, Delivery, Marketing and Finance, under the “Visionary” and CEO Ulrika Hedlund, who also happens to be my sister.

When will you start?

– I have been a private investor in Storyals for a few years and I formally enter into my operational role as COO now in June.  My first order of business is to start executing on the latest iteration of the Storyals 3 year plan.

Where do you see Storyals in 3 years?

– In three years’ time, I envision that Storyals has further matured, that we have continued our rapid growth, and made good progress towards becoming a global leader in building digital skills through storytelling.